Sumai- Dark brown lioness with green eyes. Scar and Sarabi's daughter.(Firelemming character)

Hawa- Pale gray lioness with red eyes. Nefret's sister ( Firelemming Character )

Neferet- Dark Ginger lioness with electric eyes. Hawa's sister ( Firelemming Character )

Ishana- golden lioness with red eyes. Mufasa and Sarabi's daughter.(Firelemming character)

Kayira- dark golden lioness with green eyes. Kiara's Twin.

Kopa - Golden male lion with golden eyes and a light brown mane. Simba and Nala's long-lost son.

Afua- light brown male lion with blue eyes and black mane. Sumai's son.

Zuri- pale gray lioness with a stripe down the head. Zira's sister.( Firelemming character)

Deni- dark brown lioness with red eyes. Zira's half-sister (Nadra character)

Mhali- brown- golden lioness with green eyes. Ishana's daughter ( Firelemming character )

Azra- brown/gray lioness with green eyes. Scar and Zira's daughter ( Savu0211 character )

Hasira- Golden- brown lioness with electric blue eyes. Scar and Zira's daughter ( Savu0211 )

Hila- brown lioness with green eyes. Scar and Zira's daughter ( Savu0211 )

Faida- a pale cream lioness with red eyes. Scar and Zira's daughter ( Savu0211 )

Teka- a brown-orange lion with green eyes. Scar and Nala's son.

Suri- light yellow lioness with green eyes. Kayira's daughter

Kosa- a gray lion with green eyes. Arza's son. (Savu0211 )

Tombi- pale gray/gold lioness with blue eyes. Dama's sister(Nadra)

Dama- Golden lioness with gray eyes. Tombi's sister(Nadra)

Sukari- brown lioness cub with red eyes. Deni's daughter( Nadra character)

Asha- pale gold lioness cub with green eyes. Sumai's daughter(Firelemming)

Shani- light golden lioness cub with blue eyes. Simba and Nala's daughter

Moja- light brown lioness cub with a darker stripe on her forehead, with electric blue eyes. Kovu and Kiara's daughter

Valido- Dark brown with a gray mane rouge lion, the main antagonist in part 3, and Azra's ex-mate and Kovu's father.(Savu0211)

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