The Lion King 4 Kiara's Pride Chapter 2

By KaylaLionKing1998

Part 3: The royal cubs in Elephant Graveyard

Cubs in Elephant Graveyard

Mechia and Kielia peeking above a big bone in the Elephant Graveyard.

It was 3am a cold morning, and there was no sun rising yet. Then Mechia woke up and looked around. The other lions were still sleeping. He also saw his parents still sleeping too. "Great! I woke up before mum and dad! Now I can proove how strong and brave I can be!" he said happily. He ran to his sister Kielia and tapped her on the shoulder. Kielia opened her eyes. She got up then streched her front legs and yawned. She turned and saw her brother Mechia. "What is it?" she asked. "Come on! Let's go to the Elephant Graveyard." said Machie. "But, isn't it forbidden?" Kielia asked concerned. "Yes, but I want to show them how brave I can be! Come on!" Mechia raced off. "Wait! I don't want to." said Kielia. "Why? Are you scared?" teased Mechia. "No!" Kielia yelled. "Shhh! Come on, be quiet and let's get going!" Mechia yelled quietly to her sister. They both tiptoed out of pride rock and went to the Elephant Graveyard. When they got there, they saw a dead lion body. Mechia lifted up it's paw to see it's head. "No! Grandfather!" Mechia cried. He started to have tears. "Is he dead?" asked Kielia. "If he wasn't, then would I be crying?!" Mechia asked Kielia annoyed. "Grandfather..." Kielia said quietly. She didn't feel like crying, but she was sad. "Oooh lookie here, we have a BIG meal!" said a voice. The cubs gasped frightend when they saw three hyenas. One had a fringe. One was normal and another had it's tounge sticking out with black dots. Mechia ran to his sister and protected her. "Who are you?!" Mechia snarled. "Were the three hungry hyenas and we want to EAT you!" said Banzai. The two cubs gasped and ran for their lives. The hyenas began chasing after them. Suddenly, red smoke popped out of a small volanco and the cubs stopped. The cubs saw the hyenas through the smoke. They laughed, the cubs dodged the Hyenas' bite. Then the cubs ran up a hill full of small bones. "MECHIA!" Kielia cried for help. Mechia looked down frightened when he saw Kielia sliding down the hill. He ran as fast as he could, but the hyena with the small fringe broke Kielia's right leg bone and left marks. "WAAH!" Kielia cried again. Suddenly, Kovu came and rescued his daughter from death. But the hyena knocked out Kovu. "Quick, Kielia and Mechia...escape!" he yelled. The cubs quickly saw the exit and ran to the pride lands.

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