The Lion King 4 Kiara's Pride Chapter 3

The grounded daughter

The sun was setting. Kiara was in pride rock resting. Then her two cubs came running to her. "Mother! You have to save our father! He's in the Elephant Graveyard!" Mechia warned. Kiara gasped and ran off. "Kielia, are you alright?" Mechia asked. "I'm fine. THIS WAS YOUR FAULT!" Kielia yelled angrilly at her brother. 5 minutes later... Kiara and Kovu came back home. Kovu was walking weird, then the cubs saw him having marks and eaten skin. "Father!" the cubs gasped. "Which one of you wanted to go to the Elephant Graveyard?! I want your answers now!" Kiara snarled. Mechia was ashamed and put his head down. He sadly walked slowly towards his parents. "I did. Kielia wanted to come along, too...I just wanted to be brave. Just like my grandfather." Kovu and Kiara smiled and sat down. Kiara told Mechia about grandfather's lesson being learned by Meachia's great-grandfather. "Oh." Mechia still ashamed after the story. Then he apoligized. "Now if you'll exuse me, I will go with Kielia. Kovu you take care of our son." suggested Kiara. "Sure thing, honey." said Kovu. They both nuzzled and said goodbye. Kiara and Kielia headed off to a place in the pride lands where no one could hear them. "Now Kielia, what Mechia did was wrong. You shouldn't have listened to him." explained Kiara. "I know, ma. But he's voice was so strong. It was like he was forcing me to come with him. If I didn't come, he would say that I'm a chicken!" "You shouldn't belive everything he says." said Kiara. "I know..." "For now, you are gronded for 3 days. You will stay in the cave. Do not come out, unless if told. Understand?" commanded Kiara. "Yes, ma." Kielia walked off sadly. Then she got angry at Mechia. The next day in the cave, Kielia was mumbling to herself. "I will get my revenge on Mechia! Someday when I'm bigger, I will be queen! Then I'll have children, and a male to marry me!"

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