Denahi was laying down on the grass.

Who is Kishetani?and what does he want? Denahi asks to himself,causing a voice to say,Great Great Nephew...

Denahi jumps and turns to see a the clouds.

Kishetani is a Lion that passed through the pridelands and killed your great great Grandmother... Scar says and Denahi's eyes widen.

Why did he kill her? Denahi asks

Kishetani killed my mother because He wanted to get into my head and throw me off so He can be king...suffice to say,That failed.It didn't get into my head,but It threw me off,so I managed to fight him off,but...this time,noone will be safe. Scar explains

What am I supposed to do? Denahi asks

Hmm....Go warn everyone.. Scar replies and Denahi nods and goes to warn everyone.

a Lion from Scar's reign? Kiara asks in disbelief

Yeah...I was contacted by Scar,who told me all about Kishetani,but not his motives. Denahi explains

Well,Not knowing his motives makes him dangerous,Nephew Kion says

Which is why we need to go back to the outlands to find out what his motives are,Uncle Kion. Denahi says and Kion nods.

This is the beginning of a new that will determine the fate of not only the pridelands..but the circle of life itself.

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