Denahi and Adia were looking around the Outlands.

Dad said all that was here were Dirt,Termite Mounds and Crocodiles...maybe rogue lions if we are lucky. Denahi explains and Adia shudders.

Creepy... She says and Denahi nods,then Turns and Keeps walking.

However,Uncle Kion told me that there were also Hyenas here,so we have to be very cautious. Denahi warns and Adia agrees.

They keep walking and Find 3 Hyenas..Janja,Chungu and Cheezi.

These are the Hyenas Uncle Kion told me about, be calm and quiet. Denahi says.

meanwhile with the Hyenas..

Janja,are you sure that Kishetani will like the fact you only brought him a dead gazelle instead of a Dead lion? Cheezi asks and Janja facepalms.

Cheezi,Will Kishetani even care? Janja replies.

Probably... Cheezi says

UGH!Lets just go! Janja Commands and the 3 Hyenas leave the area,leaving Denahi and Adia stunned.

Kishetani?Who's that? Adia asks.

I dunno..but it doesn't sound good! Denahi replies in alarm and they start to walk off.


You went into the outlands!?!? Kiara shouted.

We did It by Accident,Mom! Denahi replied and Kiara softened up.

Oh... Kiara said and Kion rolled his eyes.

So..who is this 'Kishetani'?? Denahi asks and Kiara shrugs,as Does Kion.

Maybe its another Sibling of Dad and Aunt Tani! Belee says and Denahi shakes his head,telling her that it would be impossible.

Then,Tiifu..who is Kion's girlfriend..comes over and suggest something.

How about You try asking The H- She starts and everyone instantly says 'no!'

Well...maybe we should just...wait? Tiifu asks and everyone agrees.

meanwhile,In the outlands...

I ORDERED YOU TO BRING ME 10 ANTELOPE!NOT 4 GAZELLES! Kishetani yells at Janja,who steps back.

We came to..a roadblock..the Antelope population has been ran out for a month,Kishetani,theres nothing we can- But he is stopped mid sentence as a claw goes through Janja's throat,Killing him instantly.

No Matter...Once We find enough food and do enough training,we can finally take over the pridelands! Kishetani says while cackling as the sky turns red in the outlands.

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