It is a wonderful day in the pride lands..because today..the Heirs of Kovu and Kiara, who were crowned King and Queen a month earlier, are born and their Uncle,Kion, Is nervous.

Kiara,wouldn't this Interfere with your Queenly duties? Kion asks in concern,But their Mother,Nala assures her son that It will not.

suddenly,they come..2 Cubs are born 2 minutes apart from eachother.the oldest one,Denahi,is the future king and rafiki,the Shaman of the pridelands,presents the 2 cubs to the crowd of animals,who cheer and bow at the newborn cubs.

3 months later...

Belee, Wait up! Denahi says while trying to catch up to his younger, hyperactive sister Belee.

Can't wait, Denahi, Only go! Belee says while running.

Darnit, Belee! Denahi thinks to himself until he hears giggling.

Aw no, It's Adia! Denahi says as Adia, daughter of Zuri, runs over, causing belee and denahi to stop in their tracks.

Hi, Denahi! Adia says to her Betrothed, who simply replies,hi..I guess.

Whatcha doin? Adia asks

Im trying to get Belee to Kion so he can spend time with her, But she won't listen! Denahi says

Belee then runs around Denahi, but denahi catches her.

Hey, Sis, can you stop, please? Denahi asks and Belee does so.

Now..What are we gonna do today? Adia says and both siblings shrug,How about tag?

both denahi and Belee agree to the idea.

They Play tag, But Denahi and Adia fall down to.

The Outlands... Denahi Whispers to himself.


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