The Lion King 3 (part 1) Human Kidnapping Fan story. The story begins about a year after our Lion King 2 adventure. The lion cubs, Kopa and Hodari are born. A celebration begins. (The Next Generation song coming eventually.)

A week later, Kopa and Hodari were wandering in search of adventure, only to find a strange human man wandering the pride lands in a flying machine. The human uses the machine to grab Pride Rock and all the lions and carries them to the zoo. Then It appears that the humans are disecting animals. (In my opinion that Kopa does not exist dont be mad I still like your stories)

All the humans also have a secret weapon oh which they have been updating since they found it years ago. They decide to lauch it. (Doomsday Song coming eventually.) The lions discover in the zoo is the hyenas they fought before. They decide to interact, when suddenly, they decide to take Kovu and dump him in the streets. (Why on earth would they release a lion into the streets?!) Kovu eventually finds a human who brushes his hair and takes him in, until her mother comes home screaming, "Gyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Get that beast away!" Animal Control shows up, but Kovu gets away. Eventually, he finds a detective and a few others. The detective makes a claim on a case and slams his hat down. Kovu grabs his hat and runs away before anyone notices and starts playing detective. (Detective Kovu theme coming eventually.) The pride finds the hyenas, Shenzi and Banzai, who tell them they are following a new master. They bring the lions to Ed, who has been experimented on to make him very smart. Ed is now the king of the hyenas. The hyenas form an alliance with the lions, now in the humans factory we see them awakening the doomsday well it is about time when is it going to attack? said the leader of the humans we can send it now Master said his assistant activating, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, (sirens blast)"

"Welcome back!" said the tw. "Where am I...?" said the machine. "Now, are you ready for the first part of the test?" "What?!" it says in a large voice, "I listen to no one!" his left eye began to glow and the building exploded with all the humans but the creature flew away to the pridelands, the lions and the hyenas had already escaped by now and were on a plane to Africa. The creature got there along with Kovu. (End of part 1.)

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