"The monkey is his uncle?"
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"What's the hurry?"
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The Lion King: The Royal Generations is a Fanfiction by the user Chumvi. It will go through the lives of former kings/queens of the Pridelands. It will also include princes/princesses who didn't become the king/queen of the Pridelands.


The Plot will focus on kings and queens and their Cubhood, Young Adulthood, And Adulthood. 



He is the first king of the Pridelands. He seems to have a crush on Mshtuko, but he mates with Weza. He is the father of Mosi, Zeru-Zeru, and Kifo. He is voiced by Unknown 


Mosi is the long-lost son of Maliki and Weza. He mated with Potea and had Mwana. He ran away shortly after Kifo's Death. He is voiced by Brendon Urie as an adult.


Kifo is the dead son of Maliki and Weza.He died because he fell off PrideRock, because Mti and Jasiri Dared him.



  • Maliki and some of the other characters haven't been chosen for a voice actor.
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