The Lion King: The New Pride is a fan-fiction written by Gumu.


"Kovu, come here." said the older king, Simba. Kovu nodded and came to the peak where he was sitting. In the back of Kovu's mind he heard Zira's voice say "Kovu, kill him my son, he's gonna die anyway so PUSH HIM NOW!!!!!!!". He ignored the thought and Simba told him how to rule and that Kiara's going to be fine. the twins will be healthy. "Um? Twins. Simba?" "Yes. Both males. My father said." Kovu looked up to see the sun rising up and Mufasa's spirit motioning for him to go in the den to Kiara when he heard little whimpers. He rushed in to see Vitani, Nala, and Nuka's spirit (Nuka had changed his ways while he was dying but Kovu wasn't aware of it. "Nuka?" "Hey Termite." Nuka was standing by Nala and Vitani. They stepped out of the way of Kiara. Kiara was craddling two tiny cubs in her paws. One was a brown-ish colored one with a black hair tuft and Nuka's eyes. The other one was golden colored with a red head tuft. Kovu named the brown one "Nuka" after Nuka. After Kovu named Nuka, the first Nuka grinned an all-tooth grin. Kovu named the golden one "Mufasa" and Mufasa roared when he heard this and Rafiki picked up the two cubs at presented them at Pride Rock as Nuka and Mufasa (the first ones) smiled from the sky all was well or was it?

The River

Zira climbed out of the river furious, determined to kill her foes with her bere claws. "KIARA, SIMBA, KOVU, VITANI I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!!!" She climbed out of the gorge smirking. Back at Pride Rock Kovu heard this. "Kiara I uhh I'll be back in a little bit." "Wait sire, where are you going?" Zazu said. "There's something wrong I'll be back." Kovu set off to the gorge where Zira was sitting on top. "Kovu!" "Mother!" "YOU TRIED TO KILL ME!" Zira took her paw and sliced Kovu's arm as the pain caused him to roar and pass out. Kiara heard this and saw Kovu fall and took her pride to Kovu but by the time they got there Kovu was unconsious and a message in the dirt that was made by claws. It read "The sound Kiara's dying gasps. Their sons squirming in my grasp. Their pride's dying cry! That's my lullaby!!!." "Oh no! Kovu wake up!" "Huh." "Kovu look!." Kovu look at it. and fainted again. Zira was going to kill EVERYONE.

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