Mohatu and Adia were sent on a Different path. They were to guard their New Pride's Attack.

"How Were things when You left." He asked. 'I don't Know." Awnsered Adia, "I never could leave my birth. And no one would tell Me what happened."

"Didn't You See--"

Shh! Someones coming!" They both crouched under a bush as a Meerkat scurried by. "A Meerkat? Thats what?" Whispered Mohatu. "Wait-Someone else is coming.." Adia looked forwards, And saw a Hyena pounce and Kill the Meerkat. The two brothers gulped. Then Their Uncle walked by, "Remember, Those who cannot Be Killed, Will be taken alive." He said loftily. They waited until the Quartet was long Gone. "Why did they kill it?" Asked Mohatu, "It wasn't harming anoyone." Adia thought for a moment. "Hmm, I don't Know." He said, Sounds, Suspisious..."

"Ha HA!" Yelled The Uncle! "There you Are! Your Mother said you were dead! She framed Meerkats!" Adia looked at Mohatu, "Uhhh, I don't understand--" "SILENCE!" He Boomed. Just then, Hanatu and Deja and Meleni appeared, "What are YOU doing here?" He asked. "Oh, Well, You don't understand, You see, Uhh, There was---" "SILENCE" He yelled. Mohatu's uncle ran out of the scene. "That Was Him!" Said Mohatu, "Why Didn't You kill Him?" Hanatu turned, "He needed to get Ready." "Ffforr?" Asked Mohatu

"The Final Attack.

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