So, Mohatu ran for at least twenty Minutes. He was tiring. But he saw a Lean Lioness walking towards him. "Hey, Mister?" She asked, "Are You Lost?" Mohatu straghtened. "Yes.." He answered. The Lioness drew near. "My Name is Meleni. My Mom is Queen Deja. And My daddy is King Hanatu." Mohatu had heard these names Beofre. "Your Father is Hanatu?" The Lionessa Shock her head up and down. "Yes. You wanna see him?" She asked. Mohatu remembered his father's words. If Your Lost, Good Old Hanatu will guard You. "Yes." He answered. She turned and Walked, "Follow Me." Mohatu was impressed by how she managed to Keep Good posture. She obviously wasn't lying. Finally they reached the Pride of Hanatu. Meleni's mother met Her outside. "Uhh, Hello!....Meleni? Who Is...?" She asked. "He Montu hes lost." She answered. "Your Daugher was kind enouge to offer me shelter. I'll stay one night if you'll have Me..." He said. "Well, That is, If the KING says so." She answered, "Follow Me." Mohatu followed her Close behind. He Could see most of Meleni's features shining off Her face. At Last, They reached The King. He was a Tall Lion, With broad Shoulders, And a something sorta like a Beard hung below his chin. "Who is This?" He asked. "I am Mohatu." He answered. The King looked Down. "Right, Follow Me.." He said, And took Mohatu down a Long black ally.

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