"...Okay, Tatani. Time for Bed." Said Kiara. "Awww.." Moaned Tatani, "I don't wanna!" Kiara smiled, "I'll tell the young prince a story.." She said queitly. "A STORY! About?" He asked. About the First King of the Pride Lands.

"Will there be Bad guys?"


"And Battles?"


"Will i get to Hear the ending?"

"I guess"

"I am ALLLLL Ears!" Kiara took Tatani to Bed. "Okay Sweetie, It begins like this:

A Long time ago, There was a Small pride of Lions. Their Leader was a Lion Named Ataru. His Wife, Juyo, Was his queen. They also had an Uncle, Taani. They had two small Cubs, Moahtu and Adia. Adia was a Silly Lion, But Moahtu was very serious. As Mohatu grew, He grew in wisdom. One Day, While strolling the Lands, He noticed that some of The members were sick and Tried. "Whats the Matter?" He asked, "Its a Beautiful day!" They all looked to Him. "Were are tired. We need more food." They said. Mohatu said, "I'll go and ask Father." But Mohatu arrived back at the Den, Everyone was Mourning. The King Tamni had died. Now Taani was King. Mohatu said he knew how to provent more deaths like his father's, Lack of Food. His plans were great, But the King had other Ideas. Finally, The king had had enouge of Mohatu. He exciled Him. Return at the Penalty of Death. Moahtu was Frightened by this.

His Mother pleded for His return. But the King woulden't Listen, "Your son's ideas are Stupid. They will perish with Him." He said. But his mother prayed for Him and a Safe journey.

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