(Pana s Point of View)

"We're going to Priderock Today so I can talk with Kion" my mother, Jasiri, told me. I groaned because I hate them, because when we were newborns... they always left me out when I went to Priderock. A couple minutes later we left. When we got there they were waiting for us. I saw Kion, Fuli, Anya, and Nazir. I also saw Kiara and Kovu in Priderock.

"Kion! It's been so long!" Mother exclaimed, then ran up to Kion and hugged him. I shook my head in disgust. "Hiya! Been awhile hasn't it!" Anya said 'Anya literally popped out of nowhere!' I said inside of my head. Then Nazir walked up. "Hi, Pana..." He said. He was the oldest out of the two. He's 5 months and Anya is 4 1/2 months. I was just 4 months.

A couple minutes later Anya had to go do something with the Lion Guard, so I was left with Nazir. "So, Pana it has been awhile. Hasn't it..." Nazir said trying to start a conversation. "Yeah..." I replied, awkwardly. "Have you ever had antelope before?" I asked him "No...Why?"Nazir replied, "It tastes amazing! want to hunt one with me?!" "I can't...I don't like to hunt" "C'mon! It will be fun!" "Fine...But don't tell my dad!" "okay!"

We ran up to a herd of antelope. We crept up and I jumped. I landed on the back of an antelope. I fell off and landed in a mud puddle. Nazir lost it and laughed." I hate you" I mumbled, "I know," Nazir said, laughing his head off. I rolled my eyes and then we left to go to Priderock.

Nazir and Anya don't belong to me, they belong to The ultimate lifeform (you most likely know that). Also I know My writing sucks ;-;.

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