The Lion King is an upcoming Fanfic trilogy by Ultimate


Denahi,Brother of Belee,Nephew of Kion,Son of Kovu and Kiara,Grandson of Simba and Nala and the main protagonist

Adia,Daughter of Zuri,friend of Denahi and the deuteragonist

Belee,Sister of Belee,Niece of Kion,Daughter of Kovu and Kiara,Granddaughter of Simba and Nala and the tritagonist

Kion,Uncle of Belee and Denahi,Son of Simba and Nala,Brother in law of Kovu and brother of Kiara

Kiara,Brother of Kion,Wife of Kovu,Daughter of Simba and Nala and Mother of Belee and Denahi

Kovu,brother in law of Kion,Husband of Kiara,father of Belee and Denahi and son in law of simba and nala






Tiifu,Friend of Kiara,Kovu,Kion and Zuri

Zuri,friend of Kiara,Kovu,Kion and Tiifu

Kishetani,a evil Lion that looks to take over the pridelands and wipe out Simba's family

Buba,Wife of Kishetani


Mufasa,Great Grandfather of Belee and Denahi who appears as a ghost.

Scar,Great Granduncle of Belee and Denahi who appears as a ghost,cleansed of evil.

Bunga,Best friend of Kion

Author's Note:Kishetani means 'Satanic',and no this series will not have the Lion guard.


The Lion King 3:Sons make Heroes

The Lion King 4:The Leopard Uprising

The Lion King 5:Man Invades

More announced later..

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