Title:Cheetahs aren't just fast
Main Character(s):Kion,Fuli
Other Characters:Bunga,Rafiki,Kiara

Kion, Fuli, Bunga, and Kiara were hanging at the waterhole having a good time, Ono and Beshte were with their families.

"Ugh.. I'm so bored" Kion moaned.

"Daddy told me it's part of being a leader, you have to be patient and learn to not do things recklessly" Kiara explained patiently to Kion.

"Oh really.. Says the one who went to the Outlands three weeks ago and almost got herself killed" Kion shot back.

"Ugh.. Guys can you ship bickering" Fuli growled.

"It's called sibling rivalry FuFu" Kion said, using the affectionate nickname he had given Fuli.

"Ha.. Well remind me when I care" Fuli snickered.

Kion frowned.

"Relax Kion.. She's a cheetah.. What does she know?" Bunga said.

A expression of worry flashed on Kion's face.

"Uhhh... Bunga.. I'm not sure we should..." Kion started to say.

"All cheetahs do is run run run" Bunga said.

"BUNGA, WILL YOU" Kion started to say before Fuli pounced on Bunga.

"Bunga cheetahs aren't just fast, they're smart, beautiful, and brave too" Fuli said her voice brimming with anger.

"Ok.. Sorry" Bunga said, he zipped off.

Suddenly Rafiki appeared from the shadows.

"Don't fight among yourself, Dis isn't the way of The Lion Guard Or the circle of life" he said.

Kion and Fuli nodded.

"Yes Rafiki we promise" they said in unison.

Kion and Fuli entwined their tails as the screen fades to black.