Heya,Im Kion and Im the Prince of the Pridelands,HAHAHA...ha...ha...ok,maybe im not that glorious,but i am the son of 2 powerful rulers,so thats a thing to be proud of...i the son of Simba and Nala and younger brother of Kiara,who..I think a few months back Ventured into the outlands and met a Cub Named Kovu and this wicked Lioness Named Zira...but that was before I was born,so I was both thankful to not meet Zira and sad to not meet Kovu.

''Kion,its time for lunch!'' Said My Mother,Nala

''ok mom,Im coming!''I said,Excitedly running over to my mother,then I look and see a mutilated Antelope.I gulped,''ok,time to eat.'' I said Nervously.

''Dont be Nervous,my son'' said my Dad,Simba.

''if you say so..''I said.I then took a bite out of the antelope and looked at my sister Kiara,who was eating that Antelope like a Fat Kid who can eat anything!I shrugged and kept eating.

when the pride got done eating,I went outside and looked out into the was absolutely beautiful,with all the animals doing their own thing.I grinned and began to run down pride rock,but was stopped by my Best friend Bunga was just sitting at the bottom of pride rock.

''Dad,I wanna play with Bunga!'' I whined

''I need to show the both of you something'' said my dad.

''what is it,Simba?'' Said Bunga

my dad took us to Rafiki's tree and nodded at then showed us the picture of 5 lions.

''What is this?'' I asked.

''This is de Old Lion guard of Mufasa's time,when dere was peace in de pridelands.''Said Rafiki.

''What does this have to do with me?'' I asked Rafiki.

''Kion..'' My dad said.I instantly turned to him,''you are the leader of the new lion guard.''

I froze there,''Im the what!?''I said in dad and rafiki just nodded.

Little Did me and Bunga know,it would be the beginning of an adventure neither of us have ever experienced...The Adventure..of the Lion Guard

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