The Lion Guard: Zira's Revenge (Also known as The Lion Guard 2: The Outland Adventure) is a TV Movie, and giving Boboka's Son, Young Rhino, and Young and Feamle Serval names, as they appear in all The Other Fanon Lion Tuard Movies


  • Kion
  • Fuli
  • Bunga
  • Moko (Boboka's Son)
  • Boboka
  • Bupu
  • Zira
  • Kovu
  • Vitani
  • Kiara
  • Mwezi (Female Serval)
  • Kulala (Young Serval)
  • Zuka (Young Rhino)
  • Muhimu (Cameo)
  • Twiga
  • Young Rhino/Zuka's Mother
  • Hamu
  • Juhudi
  • Nuka (One Line)
  • Scar
  • Makini


Rescuing Moko

  • Kion: Hey! Hey Ono! Seen Any Trouble Yet?
  • Ono: Yes! I Think I See Moko, He's Stuck in Quicksand!
  • Beshte: Last Time I rescued Moko, It was Mud!
  • Fuli: Ew!
  • Boboka: Lion Guard! My Son is stuck in Quicksand! Who Put Him Here?
  • Moko: I Think it was Lions!
  • Lion Guard: Lions?
  • Kion: But They Should be at That Termite Mount!
  • Zira: You Got That Right!
  • Nuka: Sable Antelopes!
  • Bunga: Get Outta Here Zira, I Oughta Send Some Crocodiles After You!
  • Outsiders: Crocodiles
  • Kovu: That Is What Chased Me and Kiara!
  • Ono: Oh No, I'm Pinned by Vitani!
  • Vitani: You Got That Right!
  • Kion: Fuli, Scratch Her!
  • Fuli: Got It!
  • Bunga: Help! I'm Held by Zira!
  • Moko: She Took Him to the Outlands!

Telling Makini

  • Kion: Excuse Me, Makini, But Is Rafiki Here?
  • Makini: Nope, He's Having Some Time with His New Neighbors!
  • Fuli: Hi Makini! We Came Here because Bunga is in Trouble, So We Need to Know, Who Rescues the Rescuers?
  • Makini: Well Rafiki Told Me That You Go on a Search Party with Some Other Friends of The Lost One!
  • The Lion Guard: Bunga's Young Charges!
  • Makini: Good Luck!
  • Kiara: Can I Go Too?
  • Kion: Sure! Hop On Beshte!



  • Out of all of Bunga's Young Charges, Little Monkey (Fujo) is The only one to not be seen.

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