One afternoon in the Pridelands, Kovu and Kion were spending quality time together in the meadow, both Kovu and Kiara always made time for Kion, because Kion loved spending time with both of them.

Kovu was telling the story about how he and Kiara had met and fell in love, Kion was listening intently, he'd heard the story before from Kiara, but he always loved hearing story's about events that happened before he was born,

"Kovu, did you love Kiara the moment you saw her?" Kion asked,

"Well Kion, I didn't know until I was older, but yes I did, Kiara is beautiful, kind,independent, and brave, she fought to reunite the Outsiders and the Pridelanders, and to show Simba the meaning of We Are One, she never doubted me or my love for her, she's a wonderful huntress now..after a few lessons from me and Nala" Kovu said.

"Kovu, will I find a lioness as great as Kiara and Mom, and Nai Nai, Nona, and Tani  one day?" Kion asked.

"I'm sure you will Kion, you just have to know what to look for" Kovu answered.

"I'm tired Kovu, can we go home now?" Kion asked.

"Of course Buddy, let's go, Nala and Kiara should be back by now" Kovu said.

Kovu bent down and picked Kion up, as he'd seen Kiara do countless times, then the two brothers made their way back to Pride Rock.

When they reached Pride Rock, Kion was asleep and Kovu was thinking about his beautiful mate, and how much he loved her,

As they entered the den, they saw Simba and  Zazu conversing in a corner of the den, Sarabi and Sarafina curled up close together taking a nap in their sleeping place,

Kiara and Nala were pressed close together talking on the royal family's sleeping place.

Kovu made his way over to them, when he reached them, he gently set Kion down in Nala's paws, and rubbed his muzzle against Kiara's.

"How'd it go Sweetheart?" Kiara asked smiling up at Kovu.

"It went fine Darling" Kovu said as he returned her smile.

Nala, noticing the look on their faces, got up, and after picking Kion up, went to join Sarafina and Sarabi, so Kiara and Kovu could have some alone time.

"So Kovu, what did you and Kion  talk about today?" Kiara asked.

"I told him about how we met" Kovu answered.

Kiara gazed warmly at him, then she pushed her nose into his mane to inhale his scent, then she fell asleep.

Kovu gazed at Kiara, a affectionate gleam in his eyes, and a warm feeling in his heart, then he licked her cheek and went to sleep.

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