It was a beautiful clear night in the Pridelands, Kiara and Kion were out spending quality time together, they were looking at the stars.

Kion loved his parents, grandmothers, Kovu, and Kovu's sister Vitani, but he liked it when it was just him and Kiara, they always managed to have a good time together, and they had a extremely close bond, for Kion, Kiara was both playmate and confident,

For Kiara, Kion was someone to love, protect, and share her endless knowledge about their homeland and family with, After Kovu, Kiara treasured Kion more then anything else.

She had been beyond excited when Simba and Nala had told her that she was going to be a big sister, not long after she and Kovu had their mateship ceremony, now that Kion was here, Kiara took great pride in watching him grow up and interact with her,

"Kiara, you're the best big sister ever, I love you" Kion said.

"I love you too Kion" Kiara said smiling.

"We'll always be together, right?" Kion asked.

Kiara sighed,"Kion let me tell you something that Grandpa Mufasa told Daddy, and Daddy told me, look at the stars Kion, the great rulers of the past are in those stars,

Whenever you feel confused, or lonely, or you're in trouble, look to those stars, and they will always be there to guide you.. And I will too, because you mean more to me then anything else, Do you understand." She said.

"Yes Kiara, can we go home now?" Kion asked.

"Sure Kion, let's go" Kiara said picking him up.

As they walked back to Pride Rock, Kiara was thinking about when she'd been Kion's age and had asked her father that question.

When they got to Pride Rock, she gave Kion to Nala, nuzzled him, and went to lay with Kovu.

As she went to sleep, her body pressed against Kovu's, she thought about her brother, and her undying love for him.

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