It's coming.

Kion: now the roar has become a menace.

You've seen darkness.

Kion: what's this painting for?

Rafiki: sadly kion, no one knows.

You've seen pain.

Tukio is seen decyphering a code

Tukio: i have to find out what that painting means before it's too late.

You've seen struggles.

Tukio: the roar revives scar? kion's at that volcano! i have to stop them!

But now...

Kion: get away from my sister!

You'll see the revival...

Tukio: kion! don't!

Kion uses the roar in anger

Of the greatest threat to the pride lands.

Steam comes from the volcano

Dogo: yes! it's finally happening! and all i needed was a little anger, and your roar.


Dogo: scar. i am dogo. the one who used kion's roar to revive you.

The worst duo to be made...

Dogo: join me. and together, we will kill simba, and take over the pride lands.

Scar and dogo

Scar: i accept.

Jasiri: dogo did what!?

Bunga: with scar revived, i just wanna punch dogo even more.

Kion: you came back as the ghost you are because of my roar! so it's only right.

Evil rises...

Tukio: i have a spec of scar's aura inside of me! i will be accepted!

Sacrifices are made...

Tukio: kion. thank you. you've given me the best time of my life. and this is the best way i can repay you.

They must me stopped

Kion: if i knew about dogo's plan this wouldn't have happened!

Tukio: kion, don't beat yourself up dude. there's no way you could've known.

Tukio screams painfully as scar possesses him and then opens his eyes in the same way midnight sparkle did in equestria girls friendship games

The screen cuts to black

Tukio: i consider you an older brother.

The lion guard: the legend of kion: the rise of scar. the biggest threats of the pride lands...unite.

Coming soon.

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