Authors Note: Clea, Belee, and Denahi are owned by Ginny.

Blooper 1

Kiara could be heard screaming from the den,

"Kiara!!!" Kion shouted,

When he got over to the den he noticed a bunch of recording equipment around Kiara.

"What in the Pridelands.." Kion said.

Suddenly a camera man jumped in front of Kion.

"HI KION!!" He shouted.

Kion was so shocked he toppled off Pride Rock.

"Oops.." The guy said.

Blooper 2

"Tifu, what's going on?" Kion asked.

"Kiara's giving birth Kion, you're gonna be a uncle!" Tifu exclaimed.

Suddenly Ultimate emerged from behind a tree.

"Are the births staged?" Kion asked.

"Actually Kion, those are legit births, I decided to use them for Belee and Denahi's birth scene, Ginny's birth scenes are boring" Ultimate said.

Kion went silent with shock.

Blooper 3 

Kion and Fuli were curled up in a patch of moss in the meadow, Fuli was licking and nuzzling Kion's cheek.

Kion glanced at Ultimate.

"Is this gonna be filmed?" Kion asked.

Ultimate shook his head.

"Thank goodness" Kion said.

"It's actually gonna be filmed for the spin off series" Ultimate said.

Clea and Kopa were busy rubbing muzzles and chuckling.

"NO PDA ON SET" Ultimate  shouted.

Blooper 4

Ultimate was getting ready to film.

Suddenly a fart was heard.

Ultimate sighed as he knew exactly who had made the fart.

He glanced at Pumbaa who had a apologetic look on his face.

"PUMBAA!!" He shouted.

The screen faded to black.

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