Authors Note: Belee and Denahi belong to GinnyHarry4ever, but are used with permission.

It was a beautiful day in the Pridelands, Zira the leader of the outsiders had been defeated exactly four months earlier.

An almost adolescent Kion was hanging out with his friend Fuli in the meadow when they heard a scream come from Kiara.

"Kiara!!?" Kion shouted, he and Fuli instantly ran as fast as they could towards Pride Rock.

When they reached Pride Rock, they saw Simba, Nala, Kovu, Vitani, Timon, Pumbaa, Tifu, and Zuri waiting outside the den.

Kion rushed over to Tiffu.

"Tiffu! what's going on?" Kion asked his good friend.

"Kiara's giving birth Kion!, You're gonna be an uncle!" Tiffu told him happily.

"Kion's going to be an uncle, that's fantastic," she said, then she noticed the look of dread Kion had on his face.

"What's the wrong Kion?" Fuli asked.

"I'll have to cubsit Fuli" Kion whispered.

"Ohh. Right" Fuli said.

"Kovu!!, the first one is coming out!" Kiara screeched.

Kion's eyes widened with surprise.

"Oh, No.. I better start thinking of a name" Kion mummers to himself.

Slowly Kiara gave birth to her firstborn, As Kion watched the young cub he suddenly got an idea for a name.

"Hm. Denahi sounds like a good name" Kion murmurs to himself.

About two minutes later,  Kiara gave a gasp of pain as her second born started to arrive.

Kovu pressed his body to Kiara's and licked her muzzle.

Kion jumped with surprise, he'd been helping Nala and Sarafina clean up Denahi.

Kion made his way over to Kiara as the young cub slid out of her.

"Hmm. Ahh.. This one shall be named Belee" Kion murmured.

Just then Kiara turned to Kion with a smile.

"Dearest little brother, I'm giving you the honor of naming them," she said.

"Hmm. I want the female to be named Belee, and the male to be named Denahi" Kion said.

"Kovu. Belee's so frail, she'll need extra attention" Kiara said.

"Kiara that's not a good idea. It'll make Denahi jealous, he might turn into Scar" Kion cautioned, As Kovu and Kiara were too busy cooing over their cubs, Kion's warning fell onto deaf ears.

"Ohh Belee... Denahi, my precious cubs" Kiara murmurs as she falls asleep.

Everyone is happy because the Pridelands has new cubs.



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