It was a beautiful day in the Pridelands, In the den on Pride Rock, Kiara and Kovu were cuddled together talking, Belee and Denahi were taking a nap.

Kiara and Kovu were watching over their children with intense love and pride in their heart.

"Kiara.. Do you remember when Simba exiled me.. Then you found me.. And I said we should run away and start our own pride? Kovu asked.

Kiara nodded,"Yes I remember that" She said.

"Well.... Would you like to do it?" Kovu asked.

Suddenly Kion emerged from his hiding place.

"Kiara... Your.. Going.. To.. Leave.. Me?" He asked as he burst into tears.

"Oh Kion.." Kiara started to say, Kion ran out of the den.

"Kion!!" Kiara yelled, quickly she got up and ran after him.

When Kiara reached Him she found him huddled under their favorite tree in the meadow.

"Darling, what's wrong?" She asked, she sat down next to him and pulled him close.

"Kiara.. You and Kovu are going to leave me aren't you?" Kion asked, he sniffled and swiped a paw across his face,

Kiara sighed,"Baby.. Me and Kovu were just talking about it, We're not going to leave the pride" She said.

"Then why did Kovu bring it up?" Kion asked.

"Dear, Kovu was just asking, you don't need to worry, I'll never leave you,, never" Kiara said, She leaned down and pressed her muzzle to the top of Kion's head.

"I love you" Kion said, He rubbed his head against her foreleg,

"Oh Honey, you have no idea how much I love you" Kiara said.

She leaned down and licked Kion's cheek,

"Can we go home now?" Kion asked.

"Yes Darling, Of course we can go home now" Kiara said.

She bent down and picked him up.

The two of them made their way back to Pride Rock, When they got there Kiara gave Kion to Nala, Settled down next to Kovu and went to sleep.

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