Author's Note: This is a flashback to Simba's presentation.

It was a beautiful day in the Pridelands.

Ahadi and Mufasa were settled down outside the entrance to the den.

Uru, Sarabi, and Shari were behind them.

"Where's Scar?" Sarabi asked.

Uru sighed.

"He's on a hunt, he was supposed to be back by now" she said irritably.

Sarabi bent her head to nuzzle Simba's cheek

Zazu flew up, and settled beside Mufasa.

He bowed respectfully.

"Rafiki's right behind me" he said.

Ahadi glanced behind him.

"Is everyone ready?" He asked.

Sarabi glanced behind her at her sisters, and the assembled lionesses, and nodded.

Rafiki climbed up to the Peak, and embraced Ahadi warmly.

"I'm very pleased to see you" he said.

"I'm so glad you could be here" Ahadi said.

Rafiki's expression brightened as he caught sight of Mufasa.

"Hello Mufasa" he said warmly.

"Hello Rafiki" Mufasa answered.

Mufasa stood up, and padded over to join Sarabi.

He nuzzled her cheek affectionally, and knelt to examine his son.

Sarabi rasped her tongue over Simba's ear.

Simba stirred, and shifted in Sarabi's paws.

Ahadi cleared his throat.

"Today, we mark the presentation of my grandson Simba" he said proudly.

Rafiki moved to stand beside Sarabi.

He knelt to examine Simba.

"He is a fine cub, Sarabi" he said gently.

"Thank you, Rafiki" Sarabi whispered.

She watched Rafiki anoint Simba, and lift him to to settle on his shoulder.

She and Mufasa exchanged an affectionate glance as Rafiki made his way to the Peak.

Rafiki raised Simba up, and the animals gathered below cheered.

The lionesses joined in.

"Father, I wish Grandfather could witness this" Mufasa said.

Ahadi touched his tail to Mufasa's shoulder.

"He is, Mufasa" he said.

From behind them, Uru sighed.

"I wish Scar could witness this" she said.

Sarabi pressed her muzzle against Uru's cheek.

The next morning, Mufasa and Scar met up at the Water Hole.

"You're presence was missed at Simba's presentation yesterday. Mother was rather irritated" Mufasa said.

Scar sighed.

"I'm afraid I had other matters that required my attention" He said

"The presentation of your nephew should've been one of them" Mufasa said.

"I don't think it mattered much to the little hairball" Scar said.

"That hairball is my son, and your future king" Mufasa snapped.

"Doesn't Father have need for you? I have other matters to attend too" Scar said.

Mufasa sighed.

He turned, and padded off.

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