It was a beautiful afternoon in the Pridelands, a few days after Kopa's return, Kiara and Kion were spending bonding time with him, they had offered to show him around the Pridelands.

They were now in the meadow enjoying quality sibling bonding time.

"Kopa, that's where mom and daddy found you," Kiara said gesturing with her tail towards the border.  Kopa nodded. "Kiara, where's the waterhole?" Kopa asked,

"It's on the path back home Kopa." Kiara answered.

Suddenly Kion spoke up from his spot in-between Kiara's legs,

"Kiara, I wanna go home now." He said.

Kopa and Kiara exchanged a look before glancing down at Kion, It was Kiara who spoke first as she leaned down and nuzzled Kion,

"Kion dear we'll leave soon I promise" She said,

Kopa smiled at how his siblings interacted, "You know Kiara I don't mind going back home now" He said.

Kiara nodded and the three of them started on the walk back to Pride Rock.

When they got to Pride Rock, they found Kovu, Nala, and Simba waiting for them.

Kiara handed Kion to Nala, and She, Kovu, and Kopa went to their sleeping places and settled down.

Kopa fell asleep instantly, while Kiara and Kovu stayed awake and talked,

"I love you" Kiara said pressing her muzzle to Kovu's cheek,

Kovu smiled warmly at her and returned her affection, "I love you too" He said

Smiling the two of them settled down and went to sleep.

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