"Not in front of the kids!"
This story may not be appropriate for younger audiences due to bad language, sexual material and violence.

The Lion Guard: Rise of the Lost Prince is a fanfiction written by Wicked Gabriel.


It was a very special day at the Pridelands, it was Kion's birthday! His family and friends, including Rafiki and Zazu, threw a party for Kion, but at the end of the party, Rafiki accidentally reveals to Kion and the Lion Guard that he and Kiara have a older brother: Kopa! While at a place far away from the Pridelands and the Outlands, Kopa and his army of hyenas arrive and destroy everything in the Outlands, his next target: Pridelands! Kopa wants revenge of the Pridelanders that forgot him and left him to die when he was a cub, but three things stands in Kopa's way: the Lion Guard, Kovu and a new lion cub Hatari!!


  • Hatari not only is the 6th member of the Lion Guard, but also the 2nd lion of the group.
  • Kovu returns to help the Lion Guard and in the end, he is accepted as a Pridelander, as he is the only Outlander survivor.
  • Kopa is in his teenage years in this fanfiction.
  • Hatari is the first LGBT charcter in The Lion Guard.