It was a beautiful evening in the Pridelands, Kiara and Kion were spending quality time together in the meadow.

Kion was curled up in Kiara's paws, Kiara was gazing down at him and thinking about how much she loved him,

"Kiara?... What's love?" Kion asked,

Kiara smiled down at him,"Precious One, love is a wonderful feeling, when you love someone you feel like you can achieve anything" she said.

"Do Mama and Dad love each other?" Kion asked,

Kiara nodded,"Yes Baby" she said.

"Do you and Kovu love each other?" Kion asked.

"Yes Precious, Kovu and I have a special kind of love" Kiara answered,

"What's so special about it?" Kion asked,

"Baby.. Kovu and I need each other, we're each other's other half, he loves me more then anyone else, and I depend on him for love, protection, and comfort, and now that we have Belee and Denahi our love is even stronger.. We.. Are.. One" Kiara said.

"Kopa and Clea love each other don't they?" Kion asked,

"Yes Sweetheart" Kiara said.

"Kiara.. I'm tired.. Can we go home now?" Kion asked,

"Of Course Precious" Kiara said.

She picked Kion up, and started the walk back home, when they reached Pride Rock, Kiara gave Kion to Nala, and went to lay down with her mate and babies, smiling she settled down and went to sleep.

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