It was a beautiful day in the Pridelands.

The Lion Guard was patrolling Mekundu Cliffs.

"How's Mari?" Fuli asked.

"She's fine" Kion answered.

He glanced at Ono.

Ono nodded, and took to the sky.

He returned a moment later, and settled down on Beshte's back.

"Janja's Clan is attacking Zuri" he said.

Kion and Fuli exchanged a glance.

"Let's go, Lion Guard" Kion said.

"Where are they, Ono?" Fuli asked.

"Hapuna Valley" Ono answered.

Kion turned to his team.

"Until the Pridelands end!" He called.

"Lion Guard defend!" Fuli, Beshte, Ono, and Bunga chorused.

Ono led the way to Hapuna Valley.

When they arrived, Kion saw Zuri cornered against a mango tree.

He bounded forward.

"Janja!, leave her alone." He shouted.

Janja chuckled.

"How're you going to stop me, Kion? I'm between you and the lioness" he said.

Kion glanced at Fuli.

Fuli moved forward to guide Zuri away.

Whe they'd settled behind them, Kion braced himself, and performed the Roar.

It sent Janja's Clan toppling backwards.

Kion turned to Zuri.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

Zuri nodded.

"Can I tell you something?" She asked.

Kion nodded.

"I'm glad Janja attacked me" Zuri said.

Kion exchanged a startled glance with Beshte and Fuli.

"Why Zuri?" Beshte asked gently.

Zuri sighed.

"I want to be reunited with Koda" she said.

Kion exchanged another glance with Fuli.

"Zuri, I know it's hard to grieve, but you mustn't speak like that." Kion scolded gently.

He pressed his muzzle against Zuri's foreleg.

"I miss him, Kion" Zuri said tearfully.

"I know" Kion said soothingly.

Fuli moved to stand beside him.

"Let's talk about this later" Fuli said kindly.

Kion nodded.

He and Fuli led the way back to Pride Rock.

When they arrived, Kiara rushed to greet them.

She stopped suddenly when she noticed Zuri.

"What happened?" Kiara asked.

"I'm fine." Zuri said.

Kiara glanced at Kion.

"I'll tell you later" Kion said quickly.

Kiara nodded.

"Come inside, Zuri" she said brightly.

Zuri nodded, and followed Kiara inside the den.

Kion turned to his friends.

"You can go home." He said.

He nuzzled Fuli's cheek, and padded into the den.

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