It was a peaceful day in the Pridelands.

The Lion Guard was doing a patrol in Nyani Grove.

Kion glanced at Ono.

Ono nodded, and took to the sky.

He returned a moment later, and settled down on Beshte's back.

"What'd you see?" Fuli asked.

Ono cleared his throat.

"Janja is attacking Mbuni" he said.

Instantly, Kion turned to his friends.

"Until the Pridelands end" he recited.

"Lion Guard defend!" Fuli, Ono, Beshte, and Bunga chorused.

"Lead the way Ono" Kion said.

Ono nodded.

When they reached Hapuna Valley, Kion gasped when he saw Mbuni cornered against a baobab tree.

"Janja!, get away from her!"' Kion cried.

Janja cackled.

Kion turned to Fuli.

"Go get Mbuni" he said quietly.

Fuli nodded and darted forward.

Kion watched as she steered Mbuni away from Janja's Clan, before unsheathing his claws.

He braced himself and performed the Roar.

It sent Janja's Clan toppling backwards.

Once he and his clan had disappeared, Kion padded up to Mbuni.

"Are you okay, Mbuni?" He asked gently.

"I'm fine, thank you Kion" Mbuni answered.

Meanwhile, Nita had ventured to Rafiki's Tree.

She was helping him count jumper berries.

"Can we visit Midnight soon?" Nita asked.

Rafiki nodded.

"If you'd like" he said warmly.

Nita nodded.

"We haven't seen her in ages, I want to tell her about Mari" she said.

Rafiki reached past her, and grasped a pile of borage leaves.

"I shall arrange it then, Nita" he said warmly.

"Thanks Rafiki" Nita answered.

"How is dear Mari?" Rafiki asked.

"She is growing up really fast, Nana's taught her how to swim" Nita said.

"She certainly is a precious cub" Rafiki said.

Meanwhile, Kenai and Kia had met up with Bemba at Ukuni Woods.

They were settled underneath a baobab tree.

"Grandma, did you know Kula and Chumvi moved out of their den?" Kenai asked.

Bemba nodded.

"I do know that , Kenai" Bemba answered.

"Grandma, maybe  you could move into their den" Kia suggested

"I'll discuss it with your parents, Simba, and Nala" Bemba said.

Kia pressed her pelt against Bemba's.

Bemba bent her head, and nuzzled Kia's cheek.

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