Authors Note: This is a sequel to An Enjoyable Evening 

It was a beautiful afternoon in the Pridelands, The Royal Family was spending it in the meadow, Kiara and Kion were wrestling, their laughter echoing in the quiet of the meadow.

Simba, Nala, Kovu, Kopa, and Clea were watching them from the shade of a large tree,

Kovu and Simba were having a discussion about the waterhole and Nala Clea and Kopa were watching Kion and  Kiara.

Smiling at his siblings, Kopa turned to Nala, she and Clea were engaged in a discussion about being queen, "Mom, Kiara and Kion are really close aren't they?" He asked, Nala smiled at her son, "Yes my darling, Kion looks up to her and Kiara treasures Kion, Kion brings out the loving protective side of Kiara, and Kiara is Kion's friend, playmate and confidante" she said,

Kopa sighed,"I only wish I hadn't missed their births" he said, Nala smiled gently,"Kopa that wasn't your fault" she said, smiling Clea came over and sat down next to Kopa.

"Mom I'm the oldest I'm supposed to be their for them" Kopa said,

Nala sighed,"Kopa listen to me, even if you weren't their for her brith or while Kiara   was growing up, you get to be there for her now, and you may have missed Kion's birth buy you still get to watch him grow up" She said as she and Kopa rubbed muzzles.

Kopa smiled,"Thank you mom" he said,

Simba smiled at his mate and son,"Nala dear, I think it's time we go home" He said,

"Kion Kiara!, it's time to go home" Nala called, laughing Kiara and Kion raced over to them.

When they reached their parents and Kovu, Kopa, and Clea, Kion went to Nala and rubbed against her legs, Kiara went over to Kovu and they nuzzled, Simba entwined his  tail with Nala's, "Come on everyone, let's go home" He said.

He and Nala began to lead the  way, Kiara picked up Kion, and she and Kovu entwined their tails before following her parents, Kopa and Clea brought up the rear.

When they got to Pride Rock they settled down and went to sleep.

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