Summary: Kion and Bunga meet a new friend in the Pridelands.

It was a normal, sunny day in the Pridelands. Kion and Bunga decided to play around in the grasslands for a relaxing day.

Meanwhile, far from the Pridelands, a young lion cub named Gina who has pure golden tan fur, sky blue eyes with head tuft. She decided to explore around since she didn't  have anything to do, she doesn't remember if she had a family no mom, no dad, not either siblings. She continued walking around looking at the sky smiling.

Then she heard noises form her left she was curious and decided to go see for herself. As she followed the sound, she noticed it was the sound of laughter, poking her head out of the patch of grass she saw another lion cub like her and a honey badger playing together.

She was nervous about saying hi to them, and asking if she could join them, but deciding to not ask turned around and started walking away. As she walked away she tripped making her yelp causing Kion and Bunga to look up at the sound coming from the patch of grass they looked at each other for a second before going to see whose there in the grass.

"What was that" Kion asked

Bunga shrugged "Im not sure lets go see"  

As they entered the grass they heard groaning as they spot Gina as she tried stand up with her now sprained front paw she winced in pain.

"Hey are you ok?" Gina turned to see the cub that she saw with the honey badger 

"U-Uh yeah Im okay just a sprained paw" she replied quickly Kion wasn't sure about it he seen her face was in pain.

"Here let me help you" Kion went to her and helped her by putting his head under her body lifting her to her for legs causing her to blush a little. He wasn't that much bigger than her, but she still felt so small compared to him.

"Thank you" She said smiled shyly 

"You fur really blends into the grass,huh." He smiled. Gina snapped out of her trance.

"Really? I always thought that stuck out like a sore thumb." she said shyly. his brown eyes studied her. 

"Hmm, I dont think we've seen you before. What's your name?" Bunga asked her. Gina was silent for a bit, but then answered.

"Its G-Gina" she squeaked. Kion chucked softly

"Nice to meet you, Im Kion and this my best friend Bunga" He smiled and the honey badger waved. Gina smiled.

"Hey how about we take you to my parents at the pride rock" Kion suggested

"Whats pride rock?" She questioned

"You'll see it when we get there" Bunga said as they walked to the direction where the pride rock.

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