Kiara and Nala were spending quality time together in the meadow watching Belee  and Denahi play, watching her babies, Kiara was reminded of when she and Kion played like that.

"Mom, Do you remember  how me and Kion used to do what Belee and Denahi are doing?" Kiara asked.

"Belee and Denahi remind me so much of you and Kion" Nala said.

Kiara leaned her head against Nala's shoulder.

Nala pressed her muzzle to Kiara's forehead.

"I love you Mom" Kiara said, breaking the silence that had been going on for five minutes.

Nala smiled gently at her daughter,

"I love you too Honey" Nala said.

Belee wandered over to them and climbed into Nala's paws.

Nala and Kiara smiled gently at her.

"What's wrong Belee?" Nala asked her granddaughter.

Belee sighed,"I'm tired Gran" she said.

Nala gently bent down and licked Belee's cheek.

Kiara leaned over and nuzzled her daughter.

Just then Denahi ran over to join them.

"Mom can I go to the waterhole with Sitka?" He asked.

Kiara glanced at Nala who nodded, then turned back to Denahi with a smile.

"Of course Sweetie, Go have fun" She said.

Denahi nuzzled her before running off.

Belee curled up in Nala's paws and fell asleep.

Nala pressed her muzzle briefly to Belee's forehead before joining her in slumber.

Kiara sighed before joining her mother and daughter.

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