It was a beautiful day in the Pridelands.

Rafiki and Nita were preparing to take Mari to the Moonpool to meet Mufasa.

"Are you excited, Mari?" Nita asked.

Marigold nodded eagerly.

"I can't wait to meet Grandpa" Mari said.

Rafiki chuckled and bent to pick Mari up.

He settled Marigod against his shoulder.

Nita bent to grasp a bundle of moss.

"Let's go, Nita" Rafiki said.

They bounded down the slope, and exited Rafiki's tree.

When they reached the Moonpool, Nita bounded forward excitingly.

Rafiki settled Mari amongst the moss.

"Grandpa!" Nita called.

She smiled as Mufasa's spirit appeared.

"Hello, Nita" Mufasa said warmly.

"It's time for you to meet Mari" Nita said.

Rafiki gently ushered Mari forward.

Nita curled her tail around her sister.

Mufasa's expression softened as he gazed at Mari.

Marigold glanced at Nita.

"Is this our grandpa?" She asked.

Nita nodded.

"This is Grandpa, Mari" Nita said.

Rafiki moved forward and stood beside Nita.

"I'm pleased meet you, Marigold" Mufasa said.

Mari pressed herself against Nita's side.

"Hi Grandpa" Marigold said.

She shivered as Mufasa's spirit embraced her.

"How are you, Mari?" Mufasa asked.

"I'm fine" Marigold answered.

Mufasa and Rafiki exchanged a glance.

"Do you like the Pridelands?" Mufasa asked.

Marigold nodded.

"Mari's not allowed to explore" Nita said.

Mufasa's expression softened.

"The Pridelands can be dangerous." He said.

Nita chuckled.

"Papa learned that the hard way" Nita said.

"He certainly did, Nita" Mufasa agreed.

Rafiki glanced up.

"We'd better be getting home" Rafiki said.

He bent to pick Mari up and settled her against his shoulder.

"I love you, Grandpa" Nita said warmly.

She shivered as Mufasa's spirit embraced her.

"Come on, Nita!" Rafiki called.

"I'm coming" Nita said.

She bounded quickly after Rafiki.

When Nita and Rafiki reached Pride Rock, Kion rushed out to greet them.

"Hi Nita" Kion said.

"Hi Kion" Nita said.

Kion's expresion softened as it rested on Mari.

He padded forward and nuzzled Mari's cheek.

"Did you have a good time seeing Grandpa?" He asked.

Marigold nodded.

"Let's take Mari to see Nana and Papa, Rafiki" Nita said.

Rafiki nodded.

He led them into the den.