One afternoon Nala and Kiara were spending quality bonding time together.

Simba and Kovu had taken Kion with them on a patrol, Kiara and Nala had participated in the hunting party earlier that day, and now they were content to just sit and talk.

"So..Sweetheart, have you and Kovu talked about having cubs lately?" Nala asked, as she smiled at her daughter.

"Well Mom, we've discussed it a few times, but to be honest we haven't really talked about it lately" Kiara answered.

"Well Honey, if you want my advice, I'd wait for Kovu to bring up the subject again, You know that. No. Matter. What. Your father and I will always support you, we love you sweetheart" Nala said.

Kiara leaned into Nala's side,

"Mama.. I'm worried I won't be a good mother, like you, Nai Nai, and Nona, I don't know how to be you, I'm scared Mom" Kiara confessed.

"Oh.. Sweetheart, I know that you'll be a fantastic mother" Nala said as she comfortingly pressed her muzzle to Kiara's cheek.

Kiara gazed at Nala with disbelief, "Mama, how could you possibly know that?" She asked.

Nala smiled as she remembered the conversation that had taken place between her , Simba, and Kovu in the meadow.

"Kiara, honey listen to me, I know because everyday I see how wonderful you are with Kion,

How Kion being near you brings out so many positive aspects of your personality, both you and Kion are the two members of the pride that I hold most dear in my heart" Nala said, as she leaned over and nuzzled Kiara.

Kiara smiled at her mother,

"Thank you Mama,I love you" she said.

"I love you too, now your father, Kion and Kovu should be getting back soon, we should get ready to greet them" Nala said, as she got up and stretched.

"Ok Mom" Kiara said also Gerri h up.

Just then Kovu and Simba walked into the den, Kion was hanging limply from Simba's mouth.  Nala and Kiara went over to greet them, they nuzzled their mates, then Kiara nuzzled Simba.

"How'd it go Daddy?" She asked, she pressed her nose into Simba's mane to inhale his scent.

"It went fine Sweetie" Simba said a purr rising in his throat as he rubbed his chin against Kiara's head.

"Yeah, Kion fell asleep as we were walking back" Kovu added as Kiara lifted Kion from Simba's mouth.

"Kovu.. Why don't you help Kiara put him to bed?" Nala suggested.

"Ok Nala, good idea" Kovu agreed, he followed Kiara and Kion into the den.

Once Simba and Nala were alone, they settled down in a shady spot, and Nala confided in Simba everything Kiara had told her.

When they'd finished discussing it, they joined their children and Kovu in slumber.

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