It was a beautiful day in the Pridelands.

Kovu and Kion were spending time together in The Meadow.

"Did I make the right decision?" Kion asked.

"Regarding what, Kion?" Kovu asked gently.

"The Lion Guard" Kion answered.

Kovu's expression softened.

"Kion, you made a fine decision" Kovu said.

"Are you sure?" Kion asked.

He leaned against Kovu's side.

Kovu bent his head and nudged Kion's cheek.

"Kion, you've made better decisions then I did when I was your age." He  said.

Kion glanced up.

"Really?" He asked.

Kovu nodded.

Kion stretched his neck and pressed his muzzle against Kovu's cheek.

Kovu smiled warmly as he returned Kion's affection.

"Did you do a patrol today?" He asked.

Kion nodded.

Meanwhile, Vitani had met up with Belee and Denahi at Hapuna Valley.

They were settled down underneath a baobab tree.

"Can Nita spend the night?" Belee asked.

Vitani nodded.

"It's fine by me. You'll have to ask Uncle Kora when we get home." She said.

"Okay" Belee answered.

"Where is Uncle Kora?" Denahi asked.

"He's with Nita and Mari" Vitani answered.

"Tell us a story, Aunty" Belee said.

"What do you want to hear?" Vitani asked.

"Tell us about when Mom and Dad got married" Denahi said.

Vitani nodded and began the story.

When she finished, Belee and Denahi exchanged a glance.

"Thank you, Aunty" Denahi said.

"You're welcome" Vitani answered.

"Can we play baobab ball?" Belee asked.

Vitani nodded.

"That's a great idea, Belee." She said.

She stood up and lead them towards a baobab fruit.

Meanwhile, Kora was spending time with his daughters in their cave.

He was telling them about how he'd met Vitani.

"That's so romantic, Daddy" Nita said.

Marigold yawned and cuddled closer to Kora's side.

Kora bent his head and rasped his tongue over Mari's ear.

"Did you help Rafiki, today?" He asked Nita.

Nita nodded.

"I collected herbs for him" she answered.

Kora's expression shone with pride.

"Your mother and I are so proud of you" Kora said.

"Thanks Daddy" Nita said.

Suddenly, Belee and Denahi came bounding into the cave.

Vitani followed behind them.

"Uncle Kora can Nita spend the night?" Belee asked.

Kora nodded.

"It's all right with me." He said.

Nita and Belee exchanged a delighted glance.

"Let's go tell Gran, Nita" Belee said.

Nita nodded and followed Belee out of the cave.

Vitani settled beside Kora.

"How's Mari been?" She asked.

"She's slept mostly" Kora answered.

Vitani leaned her head against Kora's shoulder.

She watched Mari grasp Kora's paw.

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