It was a peaceful day in the Pridelands.

The Lion Guard was doing a patrol in Hapuna Valley.

"I'm really glad Mari enjoyed Matembo's concert" Fuli said.

Kion nodded.

"I am too" he said.

He glanced at Ono.

Ono nodded and took to the sky.

He returned a moment later and settled down on Beshte's back.

"It's al clear" he said.

"Thanks, Ono." Fuli said.

Meanwhile, Belee had met up with Kovu and Kiara at the Meadow.

They were settled down underneath the baobab tree.

"I'm excited to rule the Pridelands someday" Belee said suddenly.

Kovu and Kiara exchanged a glance.

"I'm glad, Belee" Kiara said.

"It's a big responsibility" Kovu added.

"I know Dad. But I'm only fifth in line, I'll have plenty of time to prepare for it" Belee said.

Kiara leaned over, and nuzzled Belee's cheek.

"We're proud of you, and we love you very much" she said.

"I love you too" Belee said.

Meanwhile, Kenai and Kia had met up with Bemba inside the den.

They were settled down amongst the moss.

"Do you like Grandpa and Gran?" Kia asked.

Bemba nodded.

"They are very kind, and they rule over us perfectly" she said.

Kia pressed herself against Bemba's pelt.

"We love you, Grandma" Kenai said.

"I love you both very much" Bemba answered.

Meanwhile, Simba and Nala had met up at Ukuni Wods.

They were settled down underneath a baobab tree.

"I love you." Nala said.

She nestled closer to Simba, and pressed herself against his pelt.

"I love you too" Simba purred.

He rubbed his paw against her cheek affectionally.