It was a great day in the Pridelands. Everyone was problem-free but one frisky lioness, Kiara. Kiara was at the edge of the Pridelands, near the Outlands. She saw a fruit tree, then pounced. Her claws digging into the tree bark. Quickly a Honey Badger came and stole the fruit Kiara was aiming for.

"Hey! You Little-" Kiara exclaimed, then getting cut off by the Honey Badger "Don't you call your elders that!" the Honey Badger told Kiara off. "You stole the fruit I wanted!" Kiara said angrily. The Honey Badger laughed. "Don't laugh at me!" Kiara argued.

Meanwhile with The Lion Guard....

"Kion! There seems to be a fight going on at the edge of the Pridelands!" Ono exclaimed, flying near Kion. Kion nodded at called The Lion Guard. " C'mon guys! Lets go!". Kion and the rest of the guard ran to the edge of the Pridelands to se Kiara and the Homey Badger arguing.

"Dad?!" Bunga exclaimed with excitement. "Son?!" the Honey Badger exclaimed. 


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