It was a peaceful day in The Pridelands.

The Lion Guard was patrolling Hapuna Valley.

"How's Mari?" Fuli asked.

"She's fine" Kion said.

He glanced at Ono.

Ono nodded and took to the sky.

He returned a moment later, and settled down on Beshte's back.

"It's all clear" Ono said.

"Thanks, Ono." Fuli said.

Kion glanced up.

"I have to go back to Pride Rock, Kovu wants to spend time with me." He said.

Fuli brushed her muzzle against Kion's cheek.

"Ok." She said softly.

Kion bade goodbye to the others and scampered off.

When Kion reached Pride Rock, he found Kovu waiting outside the den.

"Hi Kovu." Kion said brightly.

"Hi Kion, " Kovu said.

Kion padded forward and stretched to nuzzle Kovu's cheek.

"Kovu, I'm not going to end up like Scar." Kion said.

"I know you won't, just do your best. You're going to make us all proud." Kovu said brightly.

"I love you." Kion said.

"I love you too." Kovu answered.

Meanwhile, Kia and Belee had met up with Rafiki and Nita at Rafiki's Tree.

They were watching Rafiki and Nita sort herbs.

"I don't see why Grandpa Mufasa won't send Rafiki a sign so he can make Nita his apprentice." Belee said.

"Maybe Grandpa's waiting for the right moment" Kia suggested.

Belee nodded thoughtfully.

"Rafiki, Can you tell us about Yeh-Yeh?" Kia asked.

Rafiki nodded.

"Ahadi's reign was considered to be peaceful and prosperous." Rafiki began.

"Grandma Uru was the one that found a water source during a drought, wasn't she?" Nita asked.

Rafiki nodded.

"What did Yeh-Yeh do?" Kia asked.

"Ahadi stayed behind to watch over the Pridelands and take care of Mufasa and Scar." Rafiki answered.

Kia and Belee exchanged a glance.

"Isn't that when Boma gave Scar his scar?" Belee asked.

Rafiki nodded.

"Yes Belee" he answered.

Meanwhile, Simba and Nala had met up at Pride Rock.

"Simba, I'm worried about Nita" Nala said.

"What's wrong?" Simba asked.

"I feel Nita's overworking herself at Rafiki's, What if this isn't Nita's destiny?" Nala confessed.

Simba brushed his muzzle against Nala's cheek.

"I'm sure everything will work out, Nita has an amazing gift that must be encouraged." Simba assured.

"She's so precious, I don't want this to overwhelm her" Nala said.

"She'll be fine." Simba said gently.

Nala nodded.

"Kora and Vitani have been blessed with a wonderful child." She said.

"We've been blessed with three wonderful children, four grandchildren and a grandniece that's about to become a big sister" Simba said.

Nala leaned her head against Simba's shoulder.

"Kovu took Kion to Broken Rock today" she said.

"I know, he wanted to show him the site of Zira's ambush" Simba answered.

Nala shivered and pressed closer to Simba.

Simba rasped his tongue over her ear.

"Kiara's informed me that she wants to sing a song to honor Kion and The Lion Guard at Kupatana." He said brightly.

Nala nodded.