It was a peaceful day in the Pridelands.

Belee and Naanda were spending time together at The Meadow.

They were settled underneath the baobab tree.

"I love learning about hunting, Nada" Belee said.

"I'm glad, sweetheart" Naanda said warmly.

She bent her head, and nuzzled Belee's cheek.

"I love you very much" she said quietly.

"I love you, Nada" Belee replied.

She stretched up, and pressed her muzzle against Naanda's cheek.

"How's your mother?" Naanda asked.

"She's fine." Belee answered.

Meanwhile, Simba and Nala had met up at Ndefu Grove.

They were settled underneath a baobab tree.

Nala sighed, and pressed herself against Simba's pelt.

Simba rasped his tongue over her ear.

"Is something wrong?" He asked gently.

Nala shook her head.

"I'm fine" she said.

Simba extended a paw, and Nala nestled into his embrace.

He pressed his muzzle against her cheek.

"Are you sure?" Simba prompted gently.

Nala nodded.

She reached up, and rubbed a paw against Simba's cheek.

"Darling, I love you, I never want to lose you again." She murmured.

Instantly, Simba's expression softened.

"I'm not going anywhere. I promise" he said.

Nala nodded.

Meanwhile, Nita had met up with Rafiki at his tree.

She was helping him sort juniper berries.

"How's Mari, darling?" Rafiki asked.

"She's getting bigger and stronger every day" Nita said fondly.

"She certainly is a precious child" Rafiki said.

Nita nodded in agreement.

"I love her so much" she said quietly.

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