One afternoon Kovu and Kiara were spending quality time together in the meadow,

Simba and Nala came up to them, Nala was holding Kion in her mouth

"Hi Mom, Hi Daddy, do you need something?" Kiara asked.

"We wanted to know if you and Kovu wouldn't mind babysitting Kion, just for a hour or so so your mother and I can deal with a situation at the waterhole, we'd ask Nai Nai or Nona to do it but right now they're napping" Simba said.

"Sure Daddy, we'd love to babysit Kion" Kiara said.

Nala leaned down and set Kion in Kiara's paws.

"Thank you Sweetheart, we'll be back soon, have fun" Nala said.

She and Simba nuzzled their children and left.

Once her parents had gone, Kiara smiled warmly at her brother,

"So Kion.. What do you want to do?" She asked.

"I want.. Kovu to wrestle with me" Kion answered.

Kiara shot an amused glance at Kovu, "Well Kion, if you want Kovu to wrestle with you then you'd have to ask him" she pointed out.

"Kovu?, will you wrestle with me?" Kion asked.

After exchanging a glance with  Kiara, who nodded, Kovu sighed, "Of course I will Kion, come on" he said.

The three of them made their way to a soft mossy area, and Kiara settled down to watch them wrestle.

"Ok Kion, are you ready?" Kovu asked.

"Yeah Kovu, I'm ready" Kion said.

"I'll try to go easy on you" Kovu said.

"Don't bother" Kion said.

The two of them began to wrestle and roll around.

Kion pinned Kovu down four times, and Kovu pinned Kion down three times.

Finally when they were both tired, Kiara picked Kion up and they made their way back to Pride Rock.

When they reached Pride Rock, Kion was asleep, Kovu and Kiara were discussing their future.

As they entered the den, the first thing they saw was that Simba and Nala has returned from the waterhole.

"Hi Mom, Hi Daddy, how'd it go at the waterhole?" Kiara asked, as she handed Kion to Nala and sat down next to her parents, Kovu sat down on her other side.

"It went fine, Sweetheart, we managed to get the situation handled" Simba said,

Kiara shifted so she could lean her head against Simba's shoulder, Simba pressed  his muzzle to her forehead.

"How'd babysitting go?" Simba asked as he licked Kiara's forehead.

"It went fine Daddy" Kiara said, she closed her eyes and pressed her body against Kovu's, Kion was asleep in Nala's paws.

"Well let's go to bed" Simba said yawning.

They settled down and went to sleep.

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