It was a peaceful day in the Pridelands.

The Pridelanders and the Lion Guard were heading to Mizimu Grove to celebrate Kupatana.

Kion and Fuli were walking together.

Fuli was holding Mari by the scruff.

"Thanks for asking Vitani to let me tend to Mari" she said.

"You're welcome" Kion said.

When they reached Mizimu Grove, Kion and his family settled on the ledge above the plain.

The Pridelanders and the animals arranged themselves below them.

Simba moved forward, and his gaze swept across the assembled animals.

"Today, as his royal contribution, my son, Kion shall give a speech." He said.

He gestured for Kion to move forward.

Kion stepped up, and gazed at the animals.

"Ever since my birth, I have known the importance of protecting the Circle of Life and all that follow it. Since I've become the Leader of the Lion Guard, I have realized how truly important this task is" Kion began.

He gestured towards Mari, and Fuli led her over to his side.

"Since the birth of my youngest niece, my desire to protect all that I love has greatly intensified" he continued.

He rubbed a paw against Mari's cheek.

Simba stepped forward, and watched Kion and Fuli lead Mari away.

"I believe we can let the Kupatana Celebration begin." He said loudly.

Rafiki stepped forward, and waved his staff.

The animals watched the baobab blossoms bloom.

Fuli bent her head to whisper into Mari's ear.

"Do you remember last Kupatana?" Fuli asked.

Mari nodded.

"Papa introduced me to the animals" she said.

"That's right." Fuli purred.

She and Kion exchanged a warm glance.

"Happy Kupatana" Kion said quietly.

"Happy Kupatana, Kion" Fuli said.

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