Author's Note: This is a flashback fanfic.

It was a peaceful day in the Pridelands.

Simba was spending time with his grandfather, Ahadi inside the den.

They were settled down amongst the moss.

"Is it hard to rule, Yeh-Yeh?" Simba asked.

Ahadi chuckled.

"Sometimes Simba, but I enjoy it." He said.

Simba stretched his neck, and nuzzled Ahadi's cheek.

"Uncle Scar said it won't be long until Mom and Dad are ruling the Pridelands" he said.

Ahadi nodded.

"He's right" he said.

Simba pressed himself against Ahadi's pelt.

"I love you, Yeh-Yeh" he said.

Ahadi rasped his tongue over Simba's ear.

"I love you too, did you enjoy the patrol this morning?" He asked.

Simba nodded.

"Why is Uncle Scar so grumpy?" He asked.

Ahadi sighed.

"That's just the way he is" he said.

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