It was a beautiful afternoon in the Pridelands, The royal family were out taking a walk and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Suddenly Kiara spotted a unfamiliar shape in the shadows, quickly she flicked her tail towards it," Daddy look over there" she said, Simba glanced over to where his daughter  pointed, he gasped as he recognized the shape of a enemy," Nala quickly take the kids and go home" he ordered, Nala picked Kion up and after she and Kiara had nuzzled Simba, headed towards home.

Simba flicked his tail towards Kovu,"come on Kovu let's check it out" he said,

The two of them slowly started to sneak towards the intruder, when they reached it Simba flicked his tail as the signal to remain silent and the two of them observed the enemy. "Simba who in the name of the great kings is that." Kovu asked,

"Well son it's a hyena, it's name is Fisi, Long before Kiara was born, he and a  Cheetah named Kesho tried to overthrow me" Simba whispered, slowly he and Kovu moved forward, "When do we attack?" Kovu asked, "Wait.. And.. Now" Simba said, with a roar the two of them lunged forward, Fisi glanced up and cackled,"Well.. Well.. If it isn't the mighty King Simba, and this can't be Prince Kopa, all grown up" he said, Kovu glanced at Simba with confusion" Simba, who's Kopa?" he asked, with out waiting for a answer he turned back to Fisi,"My name is Kovu, I'm the mate of Princess Kiara" he said.

"Princess Kiara?, Simba don't tell me you had another one after your precious Kopa disappeared" Fisi snickered, "Kiara has a younger brother named, Prince Kion" Kovu added,Simba nudged Kovu to get his attention, when Kovu looked at him, he shook his head as a signal to not say anything else.

"Prince Kion?, Simba did you want another son to replace Kopa? Fisi cackled,

"Fisi I banished you and your clan from my kingdom, what are you doing here after all these  years?" Simba growled, "I simply wanted to visit with you and your family" Fisi said, "Fisi I'm ordering you to leave my kingdom and stay away from my family" Simba growled through clenched teeth.

He and Kovu turned away from Fisi and started home, Fisi growled and lunged forward, heading directly towards Simba, Kovu looked back and shouted, "Simba, look out!" Simba looked back and roared as Fisi sank his teeth into his shoulder.


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