It was a beautiful evening in the Pridelands, Kovu and Kiara were spending it in the meadow, Vitani had agreed to watch Belee and Denahi, so Kiara and Kovu could have some quality alone time for the first time in weeks.

Kiara sighed with pleasure as she and Kovu cuddled together, "Kovu isn't this nice?" She asked pressing her muzzle to Kovu's mane, Kovu smiled at her and returned her affection, "Yes my dear, it is very nice" He agreed, "Kovu can you believe it's already been a month since Belee and Denahi were born, it seems like only yesterday I gave birth to them" Kiara sighed.

Kovu chuckled, "Kiara wasn't it nice of Vitani to offer to babysit our cubs, so we could have  some alone time" He said,

Kiara nodded, "I love Denahi and Belee but it's so nice to just have some alone time with my mate," She said,

"My beautiful Kiara, what would you like to do now?" Kovu asked,

Kiara thought for a moment, "Well right now I just want  to relax and enjoy this rare alone time with you" She answered.

Kovu nodded and the two of them cuddled together and gazed at the stars.

"Kovu I love you so so much" Kiara said breaking the silence that had been going on for a minute and a half.

Kovu smiled at his mate, "I love you too my darling" He answered leaning over and nuzzling Kiara.

"Kovu I told Kion we have a special kind of love"  Kiara said,

Kovu nodded, "We Are One" He said echoing what Simba had taught Kiara and Kiara has taught Kion, Belee, and Denahi.

Kiara smiled, "Forever" She agreed pressing her muzzle to Kovu's cheek,

"Kiara would you like to go home now?" Kovu asked his mate,

Kiara thought for a moment, "I know Vitani offered to babysit Belee and Denahi for the whole night, but I miss my babies" She said.

Kovu smiled at her, "Well then let's go home to our children" He said getting up, Kiara got up as well and entwined her tail with his.

They started on the walk back to Pride Rock, When they got there, they went inside the den and after greeting their children, settled down and went to sleep.

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