It was a beautiful morning in the Pridelands, Nala's hunting party was preparing to leave for the morning hunt.

The hunting party consisted of Nala, Kiara, Sarafina, Sarabi and the remaining lionesses.

After Nala and Kiara had said goodbye to Simba, Kovu, and Kion, they set off into the savannah.

"All right, everyone, get into position and wait for my signal" Nala said.

The group arranged itself into position, which was Nala at the front, Sarafina and Sarabi on either side of her, and Kiara behind her. The rest of the lionesses were fanned out behind Kiara.

Kiara kept her eyes locked on Nala, she was waiting for the tail signals, which she would repeat to the lionesses behind her, who couldn't see Nala.

When Nala caught sight of a antelope, she stood still and slowly rippled her tail, the signal to move forward, Kiara repeated the signal, Nala pointed her tail low to the ground and began to sweep it from side to side, the signal to spread out.

Again Kiara repeated the signal. Finally as they neared the prey. Nala flatted her tail, the signal to get down, then flicked it sharply, the signal to attack.

Kiara repeated the signals and the lionesses lunged towards the prey, they caught the prey and began to drag it back to Pride Rock.

"Good work everyone" Nala praised warmly.

"Thanks Mom" Kiara said, she pressed her muzzle into Nala's flank.

"Kiara, I'm very proud of you, you followed my directions, and look what we have to show for out hard work, a beautiful antelope" Nala said rasping her tongue over Kiara's ears.

"I love you Mom" Kiara said.

"I love you too" Nala said.

Nala entwined her tail with Kiara's and they began to lead the way back to Pride Rock.

When the lionesses reached Pride Rock they went inside and after Kiara and Nala had greeted Simba, Kovu, and Kion, they settled down to eat.

"So.. How'd the hunt go?" Simba asked.

Kiara and Nala smiled at each other.

"It went fine dear" Nala said.

Kiara pressed her body against Simba's.

"I love you Daddy" she said.

Simba pressed his muzzle to Kiara's forehead.

"I love you too" he said warmly.

Kiara pressed her muzzle against Kovu's

"I love you Kovu" she murmured sleepily before nudging her head under Kovu's chin and falling asleep.

Kovu rasped his tongue over her ear before joinging her.

The pride settled down and went to sleep.

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