It was a beautiful afternoon, Simba and Nala were taking a walk around the kingdom, and Kovu and Kiara were spending alone time in the meadow.

Kion was being babysat by his grandmothers, Sarabi and Sarafina loved their grandchildren and they loved babysitting Kion, he loved spending time with them and listing  to their stories.

Right now, Kion was taking a nap curled up in Sarafina's paws, while Sarabi and Sarafina were watching over him with a look of complete love in their eyes.

"Doesn't Kion look like Simba at that age Sarafina?" Sarabi asked her oldest and dearest friend.

"Yes, he looks exactly like Simba, but he defiantly has Kiara's energy doesn't he?" Sarafina answered.

"Yes he does" Sarabi agreed.

"Kiara was a handful, but she was sweet and she brought a new light to the pride" Sarafina said.

Just then Kion yawned and woke up.

"Did you have a good nap, My Love?" Sarabi asked her grandson.

"Yes Nai Nai" Kion answered as he pressed his muzzle to Sarafina's leg.

Sarabi leaned over and nuzzled Kion.

Just then Simba and Nala returned, with Kovu and Kiara following.

"How was your walk, Simba?" Sarabi asked her son.

"It was fine Mother" Simba said as he rubbed his muzzle against Sarabi's.

Nala pressed her muzzle to Sarafina's, and Kiara came forward and after nuzzling her grandmothers lifted Kion from Sarafina's paws.

She and Kovu went inside to put him to bed.

Simba and Nala stayed outside talking to Sarafina and Sarabi, then they went inside and went to sleep.

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