It was a peaceful day in the Serengeti.

The Lion Guard was doing a patrol in Hapuna Valley.

"How's Mari?" Fuli asked.

Kion's expression softened at the mention of his beloved niece.

"She's fine" he said.

He glanced at Ono.

Ono nodded, and took to the sky.

"He's really good at that" Bunga said.

Kion nodded in agreement.

Ono returned, and settled down on Beshte's back.

"What'd you see?" Kion asked.

"There's no trouble" Ono reported.

"Let's go to the Lair" Beshte suggested.

Kion nodded, and led his friends to Pride Rock.

Meanwhile, Nala and Mari had met up with Nita at the Meadow.

They were settled down underneath the baobab tree.

"Nana, I'm glad we get to spend time together" Nita said.

Nala's expression softened.

"I'm glad too" she said.

Marigold mewled, and nestled closer to Nala's pelt.

Nala glanced down at her.

"She's meet Midnight, hasn't she?" She asked.

Nita nodded.

"Mari hasn't stopped talking about her" she said.

"Did Midnight have any omens?" Nala asked.

Nita shifted her paws anxiously.

"No, Nana" she said.

"Are you sure?" Nala prompted gently.

Nita nodded.

"Nita" Mari murmured sleepily.

Nita glanced at her sister.

"What is it?" She asked.

"I'm tired" Mari answered.

Nala and Nita exchanged an affectionate glance.

"You can go to sleep" Nita said kindly.

She watched Mari snuggle into Nala's flank.

"She's such a precious cub" Nala said.

Nita nodded in agreement.

"She managed to wrap Midnight around her paw." She said.

"How is Midnight?" Nala asked.

"She's fine" Nita said.

She watched Mari snuggle against Nala's pelt.

"Nana, I wish we knew more about Papa's great-grandparents." She said.

"I know" Nala said sympathetically.

Marigold mewled crossly.

Nita chuckled.

"We should head home, Nana." She said.

"Okay" Nala said.

She stood up, and bent to grasp Mari's scruff.

Nala led the way back to Pride Rock.