It was a peaceful day in the Pridelands.

The Pridelanders were enjoying the sunshine at the Meadow.

The Lion Guard had joined them.

They were settled down underneath the baobab tree.

"Daddy, I've been practicing my song for Kupatana" Kiara said.

She blinked affectionately at Kion, and a purr rose in her throat.

Kion leaned against her side.

Simba's expression softened as he watched the exchange between his children.

"I'm sure you'll make us proud." He said encouragingly.

Kiara leaned over, and nuzzled Simba's cheek.

"Thanks Daddy" she said.

Suddenly, Kion jumped up.

Simba and Nala exchanged a glance.

"What's wrong, Kion?" Nala asked.

"Dad, Mom.. I think Janja's invading, I smell his scent" Kion said.

He nodded to Fuli, and they crept forward.

"Kion, Janja's in the Meadow" Fuli said.

Kion rushed back to his parents.

"Dad, we need to get everyone to the safe cave as quickly as possible." He said.

Simba stood up.

"Nala take the lionesses to the safe cave" he said.

Nala nodded, and began rounding up the lionesses.

Vitani padded forward.

"Has anyone seen Belee?" She asked.

Kovu and Kiara exchanged a glance.

"Wasn't she with you, Tani?" Kion asked.

He sank his claws into the earth underneath them.

"I'll fly up and search from the air" Ono said.

He spread his wings, and took to the sky.

When Ono was done, he landed on Beshte's back.

"Did you find her, Ono?" Kion asked.

Ono nodded.

"Where's my daughter?" Kiara asked.

"I'm afraid she's been abducted by Janja" Ono answered.

Kion and Fuli exchanged a glance.

Kiara stepped away and pressed herself against Simba.

"I'll lead a patrol to find Belee, Don't worry, Kiara" Kion said.

He rubbed his muzzle against Kiara's foreleg.

"Thanks Kion" Kiara said.

She watched Kion lead his friends away.

Once they were out of earshot of The Meadow, Fuli turned to Kion.

"How are we going to find Belee?" She asked.

"My frIend Jasiri is Janja's niece, I know that she'll protect Belee until we rescue her." Kion said.

His statement was met by stunned silence.

Finally, Fuli broke the silence.

"You're friends with a hyena?" She asked.

Kion nodded.

"We'll discuss it later, Belee needs us." He said.

Fuli and Beshte exchanged a glance.

Kion began sniffing the ground, hoping to pick up Belee's scent.

He glanced at his friends.

"I've found her trail, now all we need to do is follow it." He said.

Suddenly Ono spotted something.

"Kion, I think you'll want to see this" he said.

Kion glanced up, and let out a sigh of relief.

Belee was limping towards him.

She was closely followed by Jasiri

Kion rushed forward.

"Thanks Jasiri, Kiara will be so pleased to see her" Kion said.

Jasiri chuckled.

"I'm glad I could help, Kion" she said.

She turned, and bounded off,

Kion began to lead Belee back to Pride Rock.