It was a calm day in the Pridelands. Kovu and Kiara were spending time in The Meadow.

Suddenly they heard a muffled thump.

"Kiara did you hear that?" Kovu asked.

Kiara froze as she listened to the noise.

"Yeah.. What was it?" She asked slowly.

"It sounded like someone fell in the river" Kovu answered.

Kiara instantly bolted up.

"K-Kion.. Kion was playing by the river this morning.." Kiara said quietly.

She and Kovu instantly bolted to the river.

When they reached it they searched desperately for Kion.

Finally Kovu spotted him.

"Kion!!!" Kiara called.

Kion was flailing desperately and struggling to remain above water, when he heard Kiara's cry he looked up.

"Kiara Help Me!!" He screeched.

"I'm on my way Honey!" Kiara called.

She shoved past Kovu and bolted down the path.

When she reached the riverbank Kion's body disappeared underwater.

"No!" Kiara screamed.

She waded into the river and dived underwater.

She searched for Kion anxiously.

Finally she spotted him.

She snatched his scruff and shoved herself forward.

Kion's weight began to drag her down and she started struggling.

"Kovu!!" She screamed.

Kovu instantly rushed over to help her.

He grabbed her scruff and began dragging her out.

Once they were out of the water they flopped onto the bank.

Kiara was panting heavily.

Kovu began licking her cheek anxiously.

Kiara bent down and anxiously pressed her muzzle to Kion's chest.

Her fear eased when he heard his heartbeat.

"He's Ok" She murmured.

She nudged him closer to her and began licking him anxiously.

Kovu began licking her pelt.

Suddenly Kion opened his eyes.

Kiara breathed a sigh of relief.

"K-Kiara.." He asked.

Kiara nuzzled his cheek.

"It's ok Kion.. You're safe now My Love" She murmured.

Kovu briefly left them and waded into the shallow water.

Kiara glanced at him.

"What are you doing?" Kiara asked.

"I'm fishing" Kovu answered.

"Kiara that's my favorite prey!" Kion exclaimed.

Kiara chuckled.

"I know Honey" she answered.

She bent down and licked his cheek.

Kovu bounded over to them and dropped a fish down.

Kiara peeled the skin off and gave Kion the sweet flesh.

Kion eagerly began to eat.

"Mhmm" He said as his teeth sank into his favorite prey.

Once Kion had finished eating, Kiara picked him up and gently set him on Kovu's back.

They walked back to Pride Rock

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