Title: Vanish spots
Main Character: Kion
Other Characters:Nala,Fuli(mentioned),Kiara and Azula(OC)

Author's note: This is the aftermath of 'Huwezi:Separation', checking on what's happening with Kion and the others.

Fuli's supposed death plunged Kion into depression.The 'Death' Of Fuli caught the entire guard by storm and even Kiara, Tiifu and Zuri, who came to be great friends with The Cheetah.

Kion was laying down in the layer of the lion guard, picturing the image he saw from earlier.Fuli going downstream of the Zuberi river til she could not be seen anymore.


Kion began to cry at the very memory of it.She sacrificed herself to save another animal and he just stood there.He cried until Nala's voice was heard.

Son? Nala asked Kion

Oh...Hi, Mom.. Kion asked with sadness in his voice.Nala was accompanied by Kiara, who went to comfort her depressed younger brother.

Her death wasn't your fault, Little brother Kiara assured Kion, who just sighed.

I watched her die and I didn't do anything about it... Kion said

It's not like you COULD do anything about it right? Kiara said then her eyes widened and she continued,....Sorry.

Nah, It's ok...I deserve it... Kion says with guilt in his voice

My Son, Fuli is being watched by not let her death get to your head. Nala said to her son who smiled and nodded.

I'll try Kion said and walked out of the lair and to the cheetah area of the pride lands.

The Young Cub named Azula(who had looked up to Kion) ran over to him.

What's wrong, Kion? Azula asked and Kions head went down.

Fuli's dead,Azula... Kion said and Azula burst out into tears.She loved Fuli like a sister and losing Fuli crushed Azula.

both didn't know that Fuli wasn't as dead as they thought...

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